Daily Rock Report was created out of a passion for both music and journalism. I myself just happen to be a musician who has had a life long goal of venturing into the world of journalism, therefore, it was a no-brainer to create a blog about music and support those who deserve being supported.

The working rock band works their asses off. And when I say working band, I mean those who put in the hours of a dedicated surgeon who are either working their way towards national and international recognition or already have and are busting their asses to succeed even further. Let’s face it, even for the most popular rock band out there, life on the road and the pressure to create is excruciating at times. It is not an easy life, it is a life for the dedicated, the loyal, the extraordinary.

Many great acts are not as well-known as they clearly should be. It is our goal to give back a little in appreciation for great music. We will not just promote anyone, respect is earned. With that being said, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit. Please feel free to contact us with comments and/or suggestions. If you enjoy it here, please share.

Donnie Hardin



  1. Fimnora Westcaw

    Though not a musician, I’ve been in the realm of journalism which encompassed the music world (back in days of yore). I always featured one of those hard working bands which deserved the exposure for their enduring efforts to move up. It’s good to see a blog from the people, for the people, and about the people who rock our world on a daily basis.

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  2. kathryningrid

    Well done. Passion-driven blogs beat bland trendy ones or strictly commercially-driven ones any old day.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve never heard of the band Honningbarna (Honeykids), a punk group from Norway. I certainly wouldn’t know of them if my nephew didn’t happen to be in the band, but even as an old bat whose rock tastes run pretty much in the grooves of my youth, I’m kinda blown away by these guys. They’re still in their twenties but have been working, gigging, and touring in Europe since making a national splash on a hit movie soundtrack while still in high school and then winning the Norwegian version of the Grammy for best new rock band within another year. They have serious musical chops and tons of drive, and are great guys on top of it all. Have a listen. :) (They have other stuff on YouTube, too. Just search the band name.)


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