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PRIMER 55’s Bobby Burns Inducted Into ‘Louisville Rock & Metal Hall of Fame’; Band Could Play Last Gig Sept. 19th

It is with honor that we at the Daily Rock Report  Louisville Rock & Metal Hall of Fame announce our very first inductee, Bobby Burns, the driven, and musically clever mastermind, visionary and founder of PRIMER 55.

'Introduction To Mayhem' (Island Records, 2000)

‘Introduction To Mayhem’ (Island Records, 2000)

Released January 25, 2000 by Island Records, Primer 55’s debut, ‘Introduction To Mayhem’  has proven to leave an eternal stamp in modern music history, maintaining staying power among fans with songs such as ‘Loose’, ‘ Freak Love’, ‘Dose’, ‘Set It Off’, ‘The Big F**k You’, and other groove metal hybrid based cutting edge tunes carefully and uniquely arranged by Burns.

The album is permanently embedded into hard rock and metal history having been sort of an “Introduction” to the 2000’s portion of the then rising alternative metal / Nu-Metal revolution.

Led by Bobby, with the swagger of some sort of musical modern alter-ego of General George S. Patton, the music of Primer 55 provided a flare to the industry. His vision of ideas melted and stirred into a soulful mixing pot of punk, metal, hip-hop with a powerful element of body twitching groove that listeners of the genre simply could not deny.

Not just some dime-a-dozen guitar player, Burns knows his way around the mixing knobs, wrinkles and pockets of the recording studio due to the fact that he has a superior ear packaged with a strong vision.

Primer 55’s sophomore effort, (The) New Release, dropped on August 14, 2001, peaking at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and #102 on the Billboard 200. The single ‘This Life’, peaked at #37 on Mainstream Rock Tracks.

In 2003 Bobby would join forces with metal heavyweights SOULFLY, accepting an offer to fill the role of bassist, a gig that many well-known metal bass players would have begged, clawed and killed for just for a secure shot to play with one of the most relevant metal musicians of all time, Max Cavalera.

Soulfly released four studio albums with Burns over the course of seven years. An admirable feat of mental and physical endurance for anyone working with Max Cavalera, and his managing wife Gloria. The couple has developed a sort of reputation among industry insiders as being difficult to deal with. Just ask Max’s former Brazilian band mates SEPULTURA. When Max and Gloria left them behind after feuding over power struggles, Max even left his brother, Igor Cavalera behind. A bit ironic for a guy being all about “family”. Bobby Burns

So where does Bobby Burns get his unstoppable determination to keep pushing forward with all he has? There is this little theory I have, called the Muhammad Ali Effect.

The story goes, and in my opinion, is one of truth, that after the Cassius Clay (who would later change his name to Muhammad Ali), returned to the city of Louisville after winning the World Olympic Gold Metal for Heavyweights, representing our country and planting the seed for what would grow into something much larger than just simply being a boy from Louisville.

Ali, after giving the USA a reason to swagger, especially his hometown, walked into a local eatery in the downtown Louisville area, Gold Medal around his neck, and was told that “Colored’s were not allowed, despite being a National Sports Hero. He probably did not even consider the thought of being barred, Louisville was already a much more evolved melting pot and known for its racial relations, which became a model for many cities, and every south of the Ohio.

Ali was furious, the Gold Medal, in his mind had been reduced to nothing more than a chunk of worthless scrap metal. He walked onto the Second Street bridge, feeling defeated as he walked along the walkway, and angrily feeling defeated, tossed the Gold Medal into the Ohio River.

He would go on to never give up ever again. To give all he had for what he believed. In a bout with millions of Americans calling him a traitor, facing prison, he pressed on. He would not bow down, he told the world, someone would have to kill him. They didn’t. Ali, now a long time sufferer of Parkinson’s disease, has not let that deter him still to this very day. In recent years, I personally have seen him in attendance at several University of Louisville sporting events, representing his city. He never gave up on Louisville or himself.

Horns Up Against Cancer Line-up (9/19/15 Louisville, KY)

Horns Up Against Cancer Line-up (9/19/15 Louisville, KY)

Somewhere lodged deeply in the sediment of the Ohio River is something nearly as symbolic, which transcends any one life and is responsible for being the source of unlimited hope and determination. The Holy Grail of the Ohio River. Those living in the city drink the tapped water and live off of it. Call me crazy, call me what you will, THE GREATNESS is within an incredible number of local natives and citizens. Many who are iconic and world-famous. I personally cite the great Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, my literary hero, as a prime example.

Those living in the Louisville, Kentucky area will have a chance to see PRIMER 55 on September 19, 2015 at a cancer research funding event called ‘HORNS UP AGAINST CANCER’. with all proceeds funding the well-established ‘F**K CANCER FOUNDATION’. It just may be the bands final show ever, “or at least, the last Primer 55 show for a very long time” Burns said recently stating that new vision, with a new direction have emerged from the mind of the musical genius.

Bobby Burns talks about playing what could be last Primer 55 show in Louisville…


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FAITH NO MORE: Hard Rock Heavyweights Very Sensible Option For ‘LOUDER THAN LIFE’ Music Festival


By: Donnie Hardin

I had just posted a piece about my feelings for the band’s Deftones and Flaw to be looked at as possibilities to participate by organizers for this years Louder Than Life music festival,when an old, knowledgeable, musical enthusiast friend of mine, Christopher Mudd, chimed in with this bombshell of a suggestion, “Hey Donnie, while you’re at it, why not try to lure Faith No More to Louder Than Life?” I quietly thought to myself, “Yeah right! Who the hell am I anyway? Why me?” and within seconds of refusing to be beaten down by my own self doubt, I thought to myself, “Well, why the hell not try to lure Faith No More to this great event? I am the Louder Than Life audience, that’s who f**k I am!” As I am not one to shyly disappear when some outrageous challenge is tossed my way (for better or worse, usually worse), here I am, pleading with organizers and rock stars to give us (the city of Louisville, Kentucky) a chance to, once again…succeed.

Faith No More appeals to a vast array of rock and metal fans, and are undoubtedly considered heavy metal legends. But would their schedule permit such a possibility? Well… it just so happens they wrap up a tour on September 25th In Rio, in support of their upcoming release ‘Sol Invictus‘, which drops May 18th, making them a band promoters of this great music fest should, indeed, look into in a very serious way, assuming that this years Louder Than Life takes place on the first weekend (or later) of October.

Sol Invictus, the highly anticipated new release from Faith No More hits shelves May 18th

Sol Invictus, the highly anticipated new release from Faith No More hits shelves May 18th

Faith No More is more than capable of headlining a big music festival, just as the they did at the enormous Soundwave, which is a huge festival in Australia that took place earlier this year though-out February and March.

The timing is right, the targeted audience most definitely falls in with the massive following of Faith No More, and the festival, now in its second year will more than likely increase in ticket sales and attendance, making it desirable to the band itself. A total ‘win, win’, if you will. But what the hell do I know? I am just a fan, and a friend of other fans. But I can assure you that, if you bring them, the fans will come. All that we ask, is that the powers that be over at Danny Wimmer Presents, give this idea a thorough looking into, as they may very well have done without my silly ramblings, but you know, it never hurts to stand up and say “Hey! We want Faith No More on the f***king bill!” So there it is. I know not what I am doing, but perhaps I have planted some bastard seed into the minds of the almighty.

Donnie Hardin – Daily Rock Report

The band released the single ‘Superhero‘ on March 1, 2015, which can be found here…


‘Louder Than Life’ Organizers: Seek Bands Such As DEFTONES, FLAW For This Years ‘LOUDER THAN LIFE’ Music Festival In Louisville, Kentucky


By: Donnie Hardin

To: Danny Wimmer Presents, (promoters of festivals such as Rock On The Range, Louder Than Life)

I have been a Deftones fan ever since I saw the Southern California band open for KISS all the way back in 1996. The concert was at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, a noisy, cracker box-shaped basketball arena built for the college basketball dominant Kentucky Wildcats, which was opened in 1976. It is a dreadful venue to see any kind of concert. It was built so that its basketball crowds were especially loud. Therefore, has terrible acoustics for loud music. Anyway, that did not matter when the energetic, fresh groundbreaking act known as ‘Deftones’ took the stage amongst a sold-out crowd. As a musician and fan, that day kinda of changed my life.

Deftones have not let up and have built a stellar career as hard rock / metal icons. So now… it is 2015, and if you have not noticed, there has been a most definite resurgence of alternative metal bands, from a genre that dominated from 1997-2003, and which many people refer to as the ‘nu-metal era‘. It was 2014’s Korn that really sparked things, having co-headlined with metal hot-shots, Avenged Sevenfold on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. Members of Avenged Sevenfold were the first to admit that following Korn was a “tough act” after the performances they belted out on that tour. Korn went on to play at 2014’s Louder Than Life, as they were the band a good majority of attendees came to see. A major success. So keep it going. Louderthanlife

Deftones are the same kind of band people want to see play a big festival. Their innovative sound, style, and years of hard work have constantly, and steadily, built one of the strongest fan bases in North America.

I am not alone in my feelings about the Deftones. Especially here in Louisville, where the band has played several times and has built a strong following.

Deftones are currently adding the finishing touches to a new album, which they expect to release sometime this fall. Through May and November they are slated to tour and play various summer / fall festivals internationally. They are the perfect festival headliner, and after hearing many fans suggest this very idea, I have taken it upon myself to write this little op-ed piece or whatever you want to call it.

For a brand new festival such as Louisville’s Louder Than Life, where in its first year, last year, brought such bands as Korn. Judas Priest, Hell Yeah, Mastodon, and Flaw to name a few, it is so very important that organizers keep the momentum going with appealing to the hard rock and alternative metal crowds.

Volz - The Ultimate Melodic / Metal vocalist, he uses his unmeasurable passion, and endless power.  His extraordinary ability to express varying raw emotions while taking the listener on an incredible musical journey is remarkable.

Flaw performing at Louder Than Life (2014)

Deftones are exactly the kind of band that the young festival needs which appeals to the modern rock crowd, as is the band Flaw, which just happens to be based out of Louisville and has resurfaced, and is preparing to take the nation by storm. Flaw, the former Universal Recording artists who released their 2001 debut album ‘Through The Eyes‘ and then their sophomore follow-up, ‘Endangered Species (2004), will be headlining the Reawakening Tour (May-June) and has released a brand-new upbeat, energetic track titled ‘Bleed Red‘ exclusively on Sirius satellite channel Octane.

Of course, at the time of writing this article, I have no idea what plans management for these fine acts have in mind at the time Louder Than Life 2015 will occur, in fact, I don’t even know what the dates are for this upcoming years event. I am just pleading with organizers to look into these two bands. If they have an opening in their schedule which makes them a possibility, go after them with all you have!

Maybe this gets read by organizers, and is considered and looked into, maybe it is not. As a fan of Deftones and Flaw, I have at least gave it a whirl. you never know right?17120_1422541334716840_3594990772297819467_n

Donnie Hardin,

Daily Rock Report


Power Trio FREAKS LIKE ME Discuss Debut EP ‘Philosophies For The Modern Ant’, Taking Their Music Seriously But Never Themselves


By: Brooke Edgewater

In November, 2009, Freaks Like Me band-mates Dave Eve (bass), Jon O’Connor (vocals, guitar) and Steve Kilroy (drums, backing vocals) resolved to combine their talents and ambition to establish a tribute virtuoso for a world-renowned band that we are all acutely familiar with, dubbed Nirvana. Having grown up in the nineties myself, I feel that music was at its unadulterated prime, during this time period. The “grunge” era was all about long hair, flannel shirts, and music that resonated a deep-seated devotion for forlorn angst and inner self-reflection.

As a tribute band, ‘Nervana’ (aka Freaks Like Me), captured the epitome of what was Nirvana and the masses simply could not get enough as it lead up to a gathering of 60,000 fans, at a show on Mathew Street in Liverpool. Lead vocalist Jon O’Connor has a voice that captivates and exudes the same raspy emphasis the late, legendary Kurt Cobain possessed, but with an authenticity that is, exclusively, all his own. With Dave Eve’s background in an assorted variety of distinctive musical fields, playing bass, and the multi-talented Steve Kilroy’s artistic expertise, tinged with an aggressive beat, on the drums, the band was destined to evolve into something preeminent. And emerge, they sure as hell have.

After signing with record label Pavement Entertainment, the band’s progression commenced. On April 7th of 2015, their imminent evolution was conclusively introduced as a flawless new sound by the band, that is now entitled, Freaks Like Me.

Upon releasing their debut album, Philosophies for the Modern Ant, they have been consistently illustrated as “genre… Whatever You Want to Call It  but I, on the other hand, would characterize them as a nostalgic, gravelly wrath of depth, that has recently made its profound presence and undeniable potential, officially known.


Freaks Like Me debut EP ‘Philosophies For The Modern Ant’. The album was recorded in London, Boston and Holland.

Brooke: First of all, where are you all from originally?

Jon: We’ll say Dublin. Though it’s actually Waterford.

Dave: London. But I’ve been living in the states for eight years now.

Steve: Boston. Dave grew up in a pod off world!

Jon: (laughs) Yeah…he was grown far away.

Dave: (laughs) That’s funny!

Brooke: (trying to not laugh and appear professional) So we have a band that consists of one member from Waterford, one member from London and another from Boston that have miraculously congregated to form the tribute band, Nervana. Aside from some obvious sort of divine intervention conspiring here, how did every one meet?

Dave: You know one thing that is especially pertinent with the tribute thing is we really don’t take ourselves seriously. We take our music seriously. Not ourselves. Steve and I have known each other for many years. We’ve been in a lot of bands together here and over in London. Steve is definitely one of the top drummers out there. I always try to stick close.

Jon: Steve contacted me on YouTube and asked if I was interested in doing a Nirvana tribute. I thought it was a joke, at first.

Steve: After I saw him trash a guitar in one of his videos. (laughs)

Jon: Oh yeah…that’s right!

Steve: Yeah, we flew him over and had a jam and immediate gig.

Jon: It definitely was that total click straight away. We knew it would work.

Steve: He also wasn’t ready for a New England winter and froze solid!

Jon: Literally. You could have shattered off my nipples!

Brooke: (still suppressing laughter) What was it like playing for 60,000 people in Liverpool?

Jon: That was insane! It was such a great atmosphere.They didn’t know we were going to be smashing stuff at the end. They all got a little nervous.1503389_808714032499723_8609607828897548247_n

Steve: Yea, more actually, but it was an insane amount of people. Whoa, it was totally surreal in Liverpool, right in the city center, it was awesome! (laughs) Madness and loud as fuck!

Brooke: Wait…is smashing instruments a common occurrence?

Steve: Yes, it is. (smiles)

Jon: Quite common. Sometimes when it’s not even intended.

Brooke: When did you know you wanted to pursue music as a career?

Dave: Oh, well before my teens. I’ve been obsessed with music as long as I can remember. I used to take stuff apart as a kid. I would build mini-studios and drove my parents mad!

Brooke: So Dave, your parents encouraged music for you at a young age?

Dave: I think they just wanted to keep me from taking shit apart.

Brooke: Who, would you say, influenced you guys the most musically?

Dave: Arg! Tough one. My parents basically gave me their record collection, a record player, and a pair of headphones when I was around five-years-old. I was permanently attached to that thing. But they had the whole Beatles collection, Lou Reed, Led Zeppelin. All the good stuff from 1964.

Jon: I’d have to say John Lennon. I’ve been a fan since I was five-years-old.

Steve: My dad. Drums and pianos were always in the house. He was a Boston session drummer and keyboardist and he’s still in a band! (laughs) His own Dixieland band and they’re very good too!

Brooke: Was singing something you started to do as a child, naturally, Jon? And when did you decide that was what you wanted to do in life?

Jon: I guess I’ve always loved to sing as a kid. Then it stuck. By the time I was ten-years-old, I was screaming my head off on a daily basis. Yeah, I loved to make noise.

Steve: In the beginning, there were some moments that I thought Jon would not be able to sing due to a cold or whatever, but he can literally scream through it.

Brooke: What is your process when writing your music?

Jon: I write the songs. I demo them and work them together in the studio. Hashing out the last details and making them as good as possible. If it wasn’t for Steve and Dave, they wouldn’t have come out the same. Without Dave’s bass and production and Steve’s drumming, it wouldn’t have been anything like this.

I tend to start with poetry, then I choose lyrics and phrases in my head. I don’t tend to talk about the lyrics very much. But I will say that it’s my way of closing the doors on some painful things from my past. A release of sorts. It’s screaming out the angst and pain for three minutes plus.

Steve: One thing for sure, we all work very hard at our craft and we love performing.

Jon: I’m just wrapping up demos for our second release, right now. I’ve chosen most of the tracks. It should be ready to hand over to the guys soon!10649970_808714015833058_639318380389260154_n (2)

Brooke: Okay, I have to know. How did you come up with the unusual name of the band and the title, Philosophies for the Modern Ant , for your debut album?

Dave: I can’t tell you that. It’s a secret. Jonny may tell you if you feed him a Guinness. (wink)

Steve: That would be my fault! (laughter) It’s an honest title. That is how I feel sometimes and I know the other guys do too. It’s such a weird, exposed world now. I think people, especially young people now, can easily feel like freaks and relate.

Jon: Yeah…we’re just a bunch of freaks, really, and a great name was needed.

Brooke: Dave, what would you say is the most challenging aspect of what you guys do?

Dave: Making things good enough for my own standards.

Brooke: Would you say you have high standards?

Dave: Always. But more for myself than anyone else. It’s a good driving force. I want to put one-hundred-percent into everything I do. The battle is always time.

Brooke: Did it change anything with the bands dynamic when you were signed by Pavement Entertainment?

Steve: Yes, we all went and got haircuts and pedi’s!

Jon: I thought we’d have to shop it around for a while but the deal came to us. The only thing I reckon it’s changed is our drive. We want to do more.

Steve: Like get perms!

Jon: We want to tour more. And yes, I have rollers in right now!


Steve: On a serious note, I believe we can evolve, if given the opportunity. I love giving it all away on stage. I just hope people latch on.

Brooke: What do you think your secret to success is, so far?1467220_599909826713479_124816833_n

Dave: It’s a combination of three things. We are all deeply passionate about music, firstly. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. Secondly, we have been through a lot together. That reflects in our music, I think. Even though we sounded like we’d been together for years the first time we jammed. But lastly, is finding people like you that understand what we are trying to do. We couldn’t do it on our own.

Brooke: If you guys could give any insight about what you have learned thus far, what would it be?

Dave: In this industry you must have enough passion for what you’re doing to be able to make the sacrifices you have to make. If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s not an easy job. The only advice I can give is never, ever, ever, ever give up. Ever! Also, as Eddie Van Halen says, “No fucking around!” That’s my motto. (laughter)

Steve: That’s simple. Don’t burn bridges.

Jon: Don’t give up. Don’t think it won’t happen. It will if you put in the time and effort. Should I put in a lame hashtag here? (laughs) #believeinyourselfbecausenooneelsegivesafuck 10612971_10204018219992114_8862611307485380010_n


As I sit here, with my headphones on out of habit, literally listening to one of their songs, All In A Lie, I can now genuinely say, Freaks Like Me have produced an indisputably contemporary sound that, I believe, will only accelerate from this point on. Another thing I can tell you is that, after a hell of a lot of research, Jon, Dave, and Steve have legitimately raised the bar for me, personally. They have unapologetic-ally, (which is the only way to do anything worth while), forged their own path and the trail is still lit, with a dim glow from the flames left in their wake.

As Freaks Like Me continue to gain momentum into the next phase of their career, I can guarantee you that I for one, will be keeping track of this particular band and will be anxiously waiting to see what their sophomore album is all about.

To find more information on them yourself, check out their official Facebook page here or hit up iTunes, HMV, 7 Digital, as well as, Spotify, and YouTube. I also have to give them a huge shout out “Thank you Freaks Like Me!” for taking the time to conduct this interview with me. You guys are a stellar group and as we say in the south….I appreciate you! 

Brooke Edgewater,

Exclusive Interview: A.D.D. Discusses New Album ‘CORE’, Individual Influences & Recipe For The Prefect Heavy/Melodic Original Blend

By: Donnie Hardin

The Chicago-based band A.D.D. (which stands for Analog Digital Disorder) is a much needed breath of fresh air for the serious, mature and sometimes bored hard rock / metal enthusiast, such as myself. Having just recently released their second album, ‘CORE’ via Pavement Entertainment, A.D.D. is well on their way to making 2015 something very special not only for themselves but for their listeners.

The amazing and unique vocals of lead vocalist Matilda Moon, combined with very crafty, heavy, melodic, and emotional riffs are quite refreshingly organized and brilliantly arranged to compliment each other. The result: Musical brilliance. One listen to the song ‘I Regret’ and the listener knows. A.D.D. is serious about their music and every fiber of the bands collective being is as real as it gets. No gimmicks. Real talent. Real words. Real music. Real meaning.

It is an honor for me as the band took some time out of their super busy 2015 groundbreaking sophomore campaign to answer some questions of mine, an excited new fan of theirs. When I discovered it was very difficult to try and compare them to any other musical act it hit me, “Wow… something different!” I thought to myself. Not much of that going around these days. If you are unfamiliar with A.D.D. I have some wise advice for you.. listen now! (You gon’ learn today) It is more than worth your time.

I will stop rambling like fan-boy for now so that you can read the interview, and if the reader has any musical common sense, buy their new album, check tour dates, make meaningful plans to catch them in the act, live, somewhere in a city near you. Ladies and gents, I present to you, A.D.D.

Q) I would like to start off by asking each of you, individually, what bands, (or artists), really planted the creative seed and has influenced you the most as you grew as a human being and aspiring musician, and eventually inspired you to join a band?

Matlida Moon (Vocals)Artists that planted the seed were Ann Wilson, Skunk Anansie, Queensryche, Judas Priest, and Guano Apes to name a few. I joined a band with some friends, kind of a dual vocals type thing. I was pretty much backing vocals, which just didn’t do it for me after I started getting my feet wet.

Matilda Moon - Vocals

Matilda Moon – Vocals

 Dave Adams (Guitar)KISS was the driving force behind me wanting to play in a band. I played guitar and sang lead vocals early on. Singing vastly improved my overall songwriting, since I was able to see it from the vocalist’s perspective as opposed to the guitarist’s perspective.

Jason Delismon (Drums)My stepfather inspired me to play watching him play along to Journey, Chicago and Van Halen. I have always been a Fan of Alice in Chains, Silverchair, Metallica, Pantera, Anthrax and Led Zeppelin.

Jeremy Sparta (Guitar/Vocals)That’s easy…..KISS!!!

Q) How did A.D.D. come to fruition? Sort of describe the evolution of the unique flavor of well thought out, desirable, solid hard rock that the band has to offer the listener. What is A.D.D. all about lyrically and musically?

 Dave Matilda Moon & I originally formed the band around 2003. We are the only remaining members from the original lineup. Jeremy Sparta has been with the band since 2004, and Jason Delismon since 2009. A.D.D. is about heavy, melodic, bluesy, rock, metal, anger, vengeance, and emotion. I have always strived to mix heavy and clean guitars with powerful hooks. Lyrically speaking, a lot of the songs are predicated on dark, angry, personal subjects. We’re not always the happiest bunch. (laughs).

Q) The band has just released its second full-length album, titled ‘CORE‘ via Pavement Entertainment. I personally found the production very solid with amazing metal guitar tones, a thick, tastefully heavy sound along with the extraordinary powerful, emotionally-driven vocals. The songs on ‘CORE‘ come across as a very mature, up to date approach to the perfect  balance between melodic hard rock and metal. It seems that the material on this album was written very carefully, patiently, and meticulously. Would you say that Chris Wisco (producer) really got the absolute best out of the band, or was it more of a free-flowing smooth, easy sailing  job for him given the outstanding talent in the band? Explain, in so many words, the writing and arranging of the material.

Dave  We have been doing this for a while now, so the main song ideas were already there. Chris has always been more like another member of the band, except he’s neutral (laughs). He is good about tweaking the ideas a certain direction to make them the best possible. I brought in a good part of the music for 6 of the songs, while Jeremy brought in music and lyrics for two songs, “Was My Life” & “So Much”. Our drummer, Jason Delismon, also brought in the music for “Not My Way”. Matilda writes most of the lyrics, and Jeremy contributes too. All the songs usually start from a guitar riff or progression.

Q) What kind of plans, if set-in-stone, does the band have touring wise this summer? With such a solid album having just been released, how excited are you to get out there, play some energetic shows and make a statement to the world that A.D.D. is, without a doubt, most definitely relevant in the major hard rock scene in the United States?

New  A.D.D. Album 'CORE' Now Available

New A.D.D. Album ‘CORE’ Now Available

Dave – We have some one-off shows this summer with Black Stone Cherry and Y&T, and Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin with Nickelback, Bush, Jackyl, & Starset. We will also be doing some dates with BONZ from Stuck Mojo, so we are very excited to get out and meet everybody!

Q) When dissecting the phenomenal lyrical content of ‘CORE’, sort of explain what the message, or messages are on this album toward the listener. When it comes to relating to the audience, what is the general sentiment? Would you strongly suggest that the overall message is one of positivity, perseverance, and encouragement?

Dave I would say most of our lyrics come from personal experiences and sometimes they are about anger and struggle, ultimately they are written to help the listener overcome these obstacles in life.

Q) With a fantastic sophomore effort completed and released to the masses, when does the band start writing material for the next album? Do you ride the creative wave of momentum and start coming up with ideas right away, or take a break from writing and focus purely on supporting and pushing ‘CORE‘?

 DaveWe are always toying with ideas constantly. It is such a long process, that I like to start working on basic ideas as they come. I don’t want to wait another four or five years to put another record out! (laughs).

Q) This question is probably different on each individual basis, so to each member of the band… what would be your dream tour? What bands, as individuals, are you each really into at the moment?

DaveDream Tour… KISS. Bands I’m into at the moment…Nothing More, Sevendust, 3 Years Hollow, Seasons After, and Fozzy.

Jeremy KISS.

Matilda –  My dream tour… Maybe with Sevendust, and perhaps Nothing More.. really into them these days. If Skunk Anansie ever gets back here, it would be awesome to tour with them.

 Jason –  Sevendust or Metallica.

 JeremyDream tour or gig would be with KISS. The bad part of that would be that Dave and I have agreed that if that ever happened we would promptly retire as soon as we stepped off the stage because that would be the apex of our career.  Of course we’re just kidding about that….I think.  As far as bands that I’m really into at the moment…Nothing More, RED, Gemini Syndrome, and of course.. Sevendust.

 Q) Going back to the early days when A.D.D. was established, what are some of the most memorable, or even, surreal moments each of you has experienced while being part of the band?

Dave Opening for and meeting so many great bands over the years, Alterbridge, Tremonti, Hinder, Sevendust, Halestorm, In This Moment, All That Remains, KORN, Chevelle, Candlebox, Buckcherry, DORO, and Dope are the ones that come to mind! Also, Charlie Benante of Anthrax helping and digging the band behind the scenes.

Click here to visit the official A.D.D. website for more information about the band.

Follow A.D.D. on Facebook by clicking here.

Check out the video below for the song ‘I Regret’ from the album ‘Core’, which can be purchased by clicking here.


Exclusive Interview: SATURATE Guitarist MIKE MEXAS Discusses The Writing Process, Touring & The Hard Work Involved

By: Brooke Edgewater

   In 2005 the band Saturate was formed. Saturate’s unique sound was so diverse when they hit the Texas scene that they were described as being nothing less than “utterly raw and refreshingly original.‘  They won even more notoriety with lyrics that combined eloquent poetry to an amazingly sick riff. This alone, caused the band’s name to ripple from Texas all the way to Louisiana rapidly, as word continued to spread. Their debut album, Soul Element, was produced and released independently on August 19, 2008, only to rotate successfully around the country, gaining momentum from that point on.

 Soul Element was released in December of 2006, then re-released in 2008 through a distribution contract that put the album on shelves at Best Buy, Hot topic and other franchises. Their second album, in 2010, ‘The Point of No Return’ was released independently that summer. The first single off the sophomore album, Keep Digging, is provides a more upbeat groove with a driving hook.” The bands third album, Damage The Memory, would once again mesmerize their fan base and more with the heavy, harmoniously haunting melodies that has become their trademark.  Jimmy Miller (Vocals), Mike Mexas (Guitar), Hector Porras (Bass) and Fernando Cruz (Drums) have been described as a “Houston based four-piece rock quartet” ever since.

    Guitarist Mike Mexas sat down and gave us a personal and in-depth view of the workings behind the music in the following interview, enjoy. 10409257_746939005359910_1251571822667998820_n
 Brooke: I have researched all of your albums, and I have to admit, you guys have evolved over the years, so I would like to start at the beginning. How did you end up with a guitar in your hands? Was it childhood curiosity that you have always been fascinated with the idea or did your passion develop later on in life?
Mike: The first time I really took notice of the guitar was at the age of 12 when I saw the video for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ from Nirvana, I knew I wanted to play guitar, write, record and tour.
Brooke: What other music inspired you to begin your musical career?
Mike: Nirvana had the most influence on me musically, but bands like Coal Chamber, Deftones, Flaw and Korn have as well. I also enjoy all the other styles of music that have influenced me. It’s not just one particular style I listen to.
Brooke:What and where was your first gig? Can you describe what it was like?
Mike: (Laughs) Well, my first time playing a gig was in 7th grade at a talent show for my school with a couple of friends…We played ‘Blind’ by Korn in front of the whole school and it was a total disaster!10402709_766059813447829_9201599884471074144_n
Brooke: How did you end up meeting Jimmy, Hector, and Fernando?
Mike: I moved from New Orleans to Houston to pursue music on a more serious level, because there wasn’t a scene in my hometown. It was just playing shows in front of all your friends and drinking, which wasn’t getting me anywhere. I met the guys from a CD me and my old drummer recorded when we got to Houston. The first time we jammed with Jimmy, we knew we had our guy, and found Hector through mutual friends we knew from other bands. Fernando came into the band 3 years ago, after our old drummer had to step down because of personal reasons.
Brooke: If you could describe each band member with one or two words, what would they be?
Mike: I can as a band,  we are all passionate about writing music and have the same goals of where we want to be.
Brooke: What was it like when Soul Element was released, then re-released in 2008, where you could actually walk into your local Best Buy or Hot Topic and see all the bands hard work available on shelves?
Mike: It was a huge step for us getting signed on that record, for sure…It helped us a lot to grow as a band. The only downside is that we never saw a penny from that record and there wasn’t much push behind it, but that’s the game and how the industry is.
Brooke: Your songs vary a great deal from Soul Element to Keep Digging, then on to a personal favorite of mine, In Our Own Way. What seems to influence the music you write the most?
Mike:  Everyday life, from my perspective. When things happen or emotions are there. I pick up a guitar, and most of the time I can write a full song on the spot about what I’m feeling. It’s the same for the other guys when they write…It’s therapy for us and a way to release what is in our heads.19994_10155516544405341_5517548533578309622_n
Brooke: What is one of your favorite Saturate songs and why? What does it mean to you?
Mike: That’s kinda hard, but I would have to say ‘The Great Divide’ because it was my grandma’s favorite one before she passed away from cancer, the last guitar part in the song always hits me every time we play it.
Brooke: The band is described as having a “raw edge and an original sound“… What kind of writing process do you use for your songs? The order of things, if you will…
Mike: Guitars first, then  drums, bass and Jimmy writes lyrics and vocal parts last, which has always worked best as a band.
Brooke: You’re on tour right now with Kelen Heller and you’ve shared the stage with Korn, Nonpoint, and Five Finger Death Punch to name a few. What is it like preparing for a tour,  and the time spent touring, meeting different bands, and the numerous new people you come across everyday?
Mike: This tour has been awesome! We met our brothers in Kelen Heller, who are amazing human beings and amazing musicians, check them out!  As in touring, it’s very hard, as in daily routine because of the schedule and going from city to city every night. But the shows pay off and that’s why we do it!  We do it for the fans that relate to our music!
Brooke: One question I have always been curious about, what is your frame of mind right before you step out on stage and what does it feel like when you do, only to see a sea of screaming fans that are stoked to see you guys?
Mike: My frame of mind varies from each night, but almost always I just want to play my heart out, no matter what.
Brooke: Is Saturate currently working on any new material? Another album perhaps?
Mike: Our next album is called ‘The Separation Effect’! We have already shot the video for the first single ‘Unyielding’, and we’re just waiting for the album to finish being mixed, which takes some time to get right.
Brooke: When is your next tour date?
Mike: We are currently in Augusta, Georgia. Tour ends May 3rd at Scout Bar in Houston, Texas, then we are back out in July.
Brooke: Which cities do you enjoy playing in the most?
Mike: (Laughs) All of them!
Brooke: …And last but not least, if you could go back to visit a younger version of yourself before your success with Saturate, what bit of advice would you give the younger Mike Mexas, and why?
Mike: If you want to be in this industry, you must have tough skin and be willing to do everything to get your band out there. Be you and don’t try to copy bands because that is what’s killing the industry with a lack of creativity just to make it…which I have no respect for bands like that. If you never give up and you know that the people you are with have the same goals it’s one team…you will conquer! it’s not as glamorous as what people think.10644162_10154958376915341_3955847099446915988_o
Brooke: Thank you so much! My goal in doing this interview is to show how badass the band is, to get a band, I believe, that has worked their asses off to get where they are now and get the recognition they deserve. You’ve been awesome Mexas, and as we say in the south…I appreciate you.
  – Brooke Edgewater / Daily Rock Report

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