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FAITH NO MORE: Hard Rock Heavyweights Very Sensible Option For ‘LOUDER THAN LIFE’ Music Festival


By: Donnie Hardin

I had just posted a piece about my feelings for the band’s Deftones and Flaw to be looked at as possibilities to participate by organizers for this years Louder Than Life music festival,when an old, knowledgeable, musical enthusiast friend of mine, Christopher Mudd, chimed in with this bombshell of a suggestion, “Hey Donnie, while you’re at it, why not try to lure Faith No More to Louder Than Life?” I quietly thought to myself, “Yeah right! Who the hell am I anyway? Why me?” and within seconds of refusing to be beaten down by my own self doubt, I thought to myself, “Well, why the hell not try to lure Faith No More to this great event? I am the Louder Than Life audience, that’s who f**k I am!” As I am not one to shyly disappear when some outrageous challenge is tossed my way (for better or worse, usually worse), here I am, pleading with organizers and rock stars to give us (the city of Louisville, Kentucky) a chance to, once again…succeed.

Faith No More appeals to a vast array of rock and metal fans, and are undoubtedly considered heavy metal legends. But would their schedule permit such a possibility? Well… it just so happens they wrap up a tour on September 25th In Rio, in support of their upcoming release ‘Sol Invictus‘, which drops May 18th, making them a band promoters of this great music fest should, indeed, look into in a very serious way, assuming that this years Louder Than Life takes place on the first weekend (or later) of October.

Sol Invictus, the highly anticipated new release from Faith No More hits shelves May 18th

Sol Invictus, the highly anticipated new release from Faith No More hits shelves May 18th

Faith No More is more than capable of headlining a big music festival, just as the they did at the enormous Soundwave, which is a huge festival in Australia that took place earlier this year though-out February and March.

The timing is right, the targeted audience most definitely falls in with the massive following of Faith No More, and the festival, now in its second year will more than likely increase in ticket sales and attendance, making it desirable to the band itself. A total ‘win, win’, if you will. But what the hell do I know? I am just a fan, and a friend of other fans. But I can assure you that, if you bring them, the fans will come. All that we ask, is that the powers that be over at Danny Wimmer Presents, give this idea a thorough looking into, as they may very well have done without my silly ramblings, but you know, it never hurts to stand up and say “Hey! We want Faith No More on the f***king bill!” So there it is. I know not what I am doing, but perhaps I have planted some bastard seed into the minds of the almighty.

Donnie Hardin – Daily Rock Report

The band released the single ‘Superhero‘ on March 1, 2015, which can be found here…