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Venting With Vengeance From The Bowels Of The River City: Louisville Music Scene


By: Donnie Hardin

A couple of months ago when I started this site, on a whim, just so that I had a platform to post my interview with an incredible vocal talent, and friend of mine from a band that has been there and done that, in Louisville and beyond… touring on Ozzfest, having videos on MTV (When they showed music videos),  snippets of one of their songs on a rock icons episode of ‘MTV Cribs’, a song on the soundtrack of a major motion picture… by far the most relevant hard rock/metal band I’ve known from my native land.

Anyway, as good friends of mine and an amazing band, who have come back with mind boggling focus, determination, and a family of long time loyal fans, I am very grateful it was them that helped me get this thing up and going so that I have made an attempt to build as a legit, amateur, non-profit music news website (eh.. I mean broke ass hack needing a thesaurus, who just loves music and rambling on about what I like to ramble about). So obviously I have shown a lot of support, as they more than deserve, posting links around to my other “friends” and music veterans of the same music scene.

I get a message from a well-respected guitarist from a great Louisville band who did some big things in the 1990’s. Badasses. Loved the original vocalist. It was a flyer for his current bands tour of a few midwest region gigs and so and so’s dive bar down in the cut, or wherever. So, I posted the flyer on the Facebook page, showing a local band some support, as if it is a brotherhood. I am not a fan of the band, but I get what they do, It’s just not my thing. It’s all about supporting my peers, as an ex-vocalist in the scene, those who you had played amongst and loved jamming to in the past, it’s the right thing to do. I’m not going to just come out and say, “Yeah you kicked ass back in the day, I’m just not a big fan of your current band.” I’m not that guy.

Well, apparently I had posted a link to an interview I did with the band I had been supporting, all from Louisville and whom I assumed were friends, being that they are all friends on Facebook and local longtime veteran good guitar player didn’t like it. “Man, I’m just not into that Limp Bizkit type shit.” Which is odd because this very moment is the first time I have even mentioned that band on here. He then added, totally unprompted I might add, “(so and so) from (the first band I mentioned) Is a total poser.”

Obviously he didn’t approve of me speaking so highly of this highly regarded amazing musician and even better man, a remarkable human being all the way around and felt compelled to let me know. How fucking lame. Metal elitists bullshit. I was livid but didn’t respond with much, “I like who I like and I support who I support.” He replied with a thumbs up, but basically he was calling me out for supporting these fictional “Limp Bizkit type bands”.

So I am not going to name names, that is not the point. The point is that it is completely assinine to go and talk shit about so and so from another local band to a guy who is just fiddling around with dreams to be a journalist. All respect lost. I will never mention his bands name ever again unless it’s to say they need a new singer. But negativity and jealousy isn’t my thing, I will leave it to those arrogant, struggling, underground elitists twats. There is a reason you are underground, way underground and the other band is not. You.