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SLIPKNOT Frontman Not a Fan of Comments Made By KANYE WEST During Live Performance


From www.blabbermouth.net

Corey Taylor:

“,,,And he (Kanye West) goes…’You people are witnessing the greatest living rock star of all-time!!!,’ and then proceeds to mess the words up to [QUEEN’s] ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ — in England! Are you kidding me?’ where I’m just, like, ‘Look… just stop.”
-#8’s feelings about seeing Kanye in concert.

Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/corey-taylor-says-all-the-hoopla-surrounding-his-kanye-west-comments-is-ridiculous/#M1C4e0Jp4BGhoFPL.99

STONE SOUR Makes ‘Meanwhile In Burbank…’ EP Available For Streaming, COREY TAYLOR Says Two More Cover EP’s To Be Released

STONE SOUR has made the five song “Meanwhile In Burbank…” EP featuring covers from Alice In Chains, Judas Priest, KISS, Black Sabbath, and Metallica available for streaming here. The EP was recorded live at Room 237 in Burbank, California, and was originally released April 18 only on vinyl at select record stores.

Meanwhile In Burbank… track listing:

1. We Die Young (ALICE IN CHAINS cover)
2. Heading Out To The Highway (JUDAS PRIEST cover)
3. Love Gun (KISS cover)
4. Creeping Death (METALLICA cover)
5. Children Of The Grave (BLACK SABBATH cover)

The band will release two more EP’s of cover songs titled “Straight Out Of Burbank” and “No Sleep ‘Till Burbank” according to vocalist Corey Taylor. Each will include five tracks including covers of Rage Against The Machine, Motley Crue, Bad Brains, and Violent Femmes songs.


Friday Night Metal Album Of The Week: Nothingface – Violence (2000)

On September 5, 2000, a four-piece alternative-metal band from Washington, D.C., released the album ‘Violence’ on TVT Records. Led by the outstanding complex ability of vocalist Matt Holt combined with dark melodies and thunderous guitar riffs, Violence is a masterpiece of elegantly controlled anger, and rage blended with inner determination. If you listen to the album from front to back, and you are a metal head that enjoys screaming brutality mixed with amazing melody and clean vocals, this is the album for you. Vocalist Holt triumphs on throughout.

If you are unfamiliar with Nothingface, and you like bands such as Five Finger Death Punch, Flaw, Slipknot, Stone Sour, Fear Factory, etc., you really need to be listening to this right now. One of the most underrated bands in metal history.