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What Are The Best 5 Concerts You Have Been To?


Flaw Announces Reawakening Tour With Special Guests ‘Seasons After’



FLAW w/ special guest: Seasons After

fri may 1st- lancaster, oh – mickey’s bar & grill (flaw only)
sat may 2nd – battle creek, mi – the music factory
sun may 3rd – joliet, il – mojoes
wed may 6th – minneapolis, mn – pov’s
thur may 7th – des moines, ia – vaudville mews
fri may 8th – janesville, wi – the back bar
sat may 9th – waterloo, ia – spicoli’s
tue may 12th – st. louis, mo – firebird
wed may 13th – merriam, ks – aftershock
fri may 15th – denver, co – (venue tba)
sat may 16th – colorado springs, co – sunshine studios
tue may 19th – austin, tx – dirty dog bar
wed may 20th – san antonio, tx – 210kapones live
thur may 21st – dallas, tx – trees
fri may 22nd – houston, tx – scout bar
sun may 24th – abilene, tx – (venue tba)

tues may 26th Atlanta, GA the masquerade
wed may 27th – clarksville, tn – the warehouse
fri may 29th- chesapeake, va- riffhouse pub
sat may 30th- hagerstown, md – hard times
sun may 31st- poughkeepsie, ny – (venue tba)
mon june 1st- toronto, ontario – (venue tba)
tue june 2nd – rochester, ny – montage music hall
wed june 3rd- cleveland oh – agora ballroom
thu june 4th- flint, mi – the machine shop

Flaw Guitarist Jay Daunt Talks New Record Deal, Growing Up, The Creation of Flaw & Overcoming Adversity

By: Donald R. Hardin

Jay Daunt - Flaw (2015)

Jay Daunt – Flaw

Being a longtime participant in the Louisville music scene myself and knowing the guys in the band Flaw, and most particularly guitarist Jay Daunt, I can tell you that Jay is a class act. Probably the best live performer I have ever seen not only locally, but internationally, one of the most down to earth human beings you will ever meet, an all American family man, who just also happens to be a lawyer. Rock star, family man, lawyer. Wrap your head around that.

It is with great honor that Jay agreed to what I insisted would be “a short interview, a twenty-questions type thing” Well, I had to ask for forgiveness later as one simply does not ask Jay such things as “What is your favorite color?” in an interview. Besides, I am pretty sure the answer to that is (or use to be) orange, I think. For some reason those days remain ironically hazy yet so vivid it seems as if they are a part of my inner being, those days launched me into the world of becoming a young man all while discovering and maintaining the timeless therapy that is creating music and making friends for life.

Jay is a very interesting guy, a multi-talented man of the people. Hell, I should have asked him about entering the world of politics, or becoming a record producer if and when he retires from rocking out like an energetic, space bound, leaping creator of sound and show… oh well, hindsight and all. Anyway…ladies and gentlemen, I present to you guitarist Jay Daunt of the highly talented, reawakened band Flaw

Q) Where were you born and raised? What was your household like? Does appreciation of music run in the family?

I was born and raised in northern Kentucky. I came from a pretty normal, middle-class home. My parents were cool and encouraged me to take chances on things like sports and most importantly for today, music. I will always be indebted to them for their patience, love, support and nurturing of my interest in music.

No one else in my immediate family plays music but I came from a household that loved loud fucking music of all genres. I grew up listening to everything from rap to metal to 70’s rock and blues which are exactly what have influenced my style and direction in writing and performing. My parents would attend every show that I played and purchase anything that my bands would produce. They also supported my habit with money for gear and recording. So I would say my love of music is a direct result of my family, hell yeah!

Q) As a child, what was your first memory of really getting into a song or musical act? What was the very first album you ever owned?

When I was little, maybe 7 or 8, my parents took to buy a Kramer guitar and a Peavy 2 x 12 combo amp with some effects. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing but the shit was loud as fuck and made crazy ass sounds with a little messing around. I think the first song I remember was Europe’s Final Countdown. I had the disk and would sit and try and learn the guitar and the keyboard parts using guitar and effects to simulate both. My mother put me in lessons but I hated having some dude I didn’t know teach me theory when I wanted to learn by trial and effort or trial by fire………It seemed crazy to have to pay and show up to someone else’s place when I could sit in my room, turn my shit up and jam the fuck out by myself to music of my choice. In retrospect, theory is nice as well but in my opinion a musician is borne of his or her ability to write and interpret, not memorize a bunch of scales. I have no clue what my first album was but I was originally mostly into rap so it would have likely been that genre I suspect.

Q) What band or guitar player made you want to pick up a guitar? When did you finally get your first guitar and what kind was it? (Describe the joy you felt when you first got it) What was the first riff you learned?

I think I touched on this above but i will add one of my most vivid memories and the absolute reason I play in a band. I remember seeing the promotional video for Stone Temple Pilot’s Creep come on tv and remember seeing how fucking bad ass Scott Wieland looked and how dope it looked for the band jamming that shit. I had played guitar among many other instruments since I was 7 or 8 but that fucking commercial made me decide I would be in a band for my life’s work. I dug into writing and starting trying to live my life the way I thought my idols did…some bad decisions and habits came about and had to be battled due to this but I wouldn’t change seeing that commercial for the world.

Q) When did you finally meet up with another person or group of others and attempt to form a band? What was it like? Was is exhilarating or frustrating?

I started jamming with other people in true band format at about 16.  My first few bands were industrial/metal types I would assume is the proper genre.  Flaw was my second real band and when I was looking to put it together and met Volz I had an add in Louisville Music News looking for a singer for an industrial/metal band I believe.

Q) When and where was the very first gig you ever played in a band? What was the name of the band? What songs did the band play?

I am not sure of the first place I played at but believe it was like a frat party at U of L in my first true band called 7 After.  I have no clue what the names of my songs were in that band as it was only a short period before I met Volz and we formed Flaw.

Q) What music were you really into when you first decided to try forming a band, what was the style of music you aspired to achieve? At that age and era of your life, who was your favorite guitar player that maybe you tried to emulate most?

When I started my first band I was into Industrial, Rap, Grunge and some METAL.  I just wanted to write and play music that I enjoyed, that moved people and that incited a pit when played live, Louisville was a pretty heavy music scene. I liked the Korn duo, James and Brian, and Stephen from Deftones and would say I worked to add bits from their style into mine.  Also, the odd sounds and bends from Wes from Bizkit and Adam from Tool.  I have never been into learning a great deal of songs written by other bands but prefer to listen to the odd sounds and intricacies and work little pieces into my overall style for Flaw.  I would think these influences are evident in spots of our music.

Q) You would eventually go on to be the founder of FLAW. Tell me how you made contact with Chris Volz, what was your first impression? Who all was involved with the project when he answered your flier? Were you attending the University of Louisville by this time?

I referenced a little earlier but will spit out some more details.  I met Chris through an add I had placed in the Louisville Music News near the beginning of my move to Louisville to attend U of L.  Chris called me and we realized we were living a few minutes apart so he headed to the place I was staying at and played me some demos of him singing covers of mostly White Zombie I believe.  He had great sings and screams and we clicked so we decided to head downtown to my practice spot and we spent the entire night there writing.  I believe we had finished Inner Strength, a track called My Shoes and Independence in that long session.  The basic structures at least.  I would say Flaw was formed that night.

Q) How did you come up with the band name, FLAW?

We were looking for band names the day after we met as we knew we had something special.  I tossed out the name F.law which had the double meaning of Fuck Law and our thoughts on the flaws of government, mankind and ourselves.  We immediately chose the name and started working on our material and adding members.

Q) How did the band find bassist Ryan Jurhs who was previously a guitar player, how did you convince him to switch to bass?

Chris and I needed a great musician who was a bass player as we wanted someone who could add to our writing for a complete package.  We asked around someone said check out this dude Ryan in some cover band he is playing guitar but is a well-rounded musician.  We went to a show, watched him, offered him a bass spot and he sold his guitar shit and bought a bass rig joining Flaw the next day.  He liked the idea of bass and we basically had our pick of the cream of the crop in the Ville.  Rest is history ;-)

Q) What was it like coming up though the Louisville music scene? I know you guys went through a lot of drummers and partied a lot with Louisville bands like Incursion and Faceplant, what was it like during this era? Other than your own band, who were some of your favorite Louisville bands from this time?

We had some great times and the Louisville music scene and fans were great to us.  Made some lifelong friends and played with killer local acts like Incursion 502, Cut Love Kill, Tantric, Factor 9, Engrind, Faceplant, My Own Victim, Crone, Shapeless Matrix, and Inhuman just to name a few.  The Louisville music scene was a scene that helped push the heavier side of our writing as we already had the groove and melody, so I would say it really helped shape the final sound of Flaw.

Q) I specifically remember the moment I first spoke to you. It was at the very last show at the old PJ’s on Taylor Blvd. in Louisville. You sat alone on the steps and I sensed a nervous energy about you. At the time I had heard it was a big show for FLAW because A&R reps were there, etc. What exactly did that show mean or was it just another gig? I know you played a show at the world-famous CBGB’s (R.I.P.) in New York City before this I believe when reps from Universal Records were in attendance? Was this show some sort of follow up?

Both of the shows you mentioned had A&R reps in attendance. Honestly, I still get a little nervous at every show before I step to the stage. I love that feeling. Smaller shows often cause me the most nervousness but that simply means you still care in my opinion.  Once I hit the stage its game time and all the nerves subside, it becomes time to fuck shit up and enjoy the fans and the music.

Q) Flaw would go on to sign a record deal with Universal Records. Describe the moments and days leading up to making this official, and the joy or pressure you felt after inking this deal.

A record deal is a step in the right direction and a tool to move your music career forward, but nothing more when it comes down to it. We are currently finishing up our new record deal which may be inked before this interview releases and I’d say I am excited because it gives us the ability to get our music out to the masses, tour, and work to correct all of the mistakes we made during the course of our last deal. We were a bunch of kids and shot ourselves in the foot all the time.  We killed it in the studio and on stage but were killing ourselves in our personal lives. This time we right the wrongs and truly fuck shit up!

Q) Describe the making of the Through The Eyes album with David Bottrill at the controls. One would imagine he is a perfectionist, how intense were you and the guys during the recording of the album? What was it like once finished, was it a relief? What was it like listening to this masterfully produced album that you had just created?

Working with Dave was great as he is an incredible producer and engineer.  Hey really polished us and made the album what it became and still is. Aside from that he is a good dude and fun to be around. He pushed us to be better and I would say enabled us to create a pretty good disk.  We were pretty focused but nothing like we are today in my opinion.

Q) After leaving Flaw you would eventually begin playing music around the area again, there was a project with Primer 55’s Bobby Burns called ‘Beautiful’, a band called ‘Into Another;… at some point you had reconnected with Chris Volz… can you explain when and how this happened in the timeline? When was it you knew you wanted to make music with him again?

I stopped playing music and could not remain in Flaw because I felt my sanity and my friendship with Chris Volz slipping away.  I felt like our band had lost its way which proved true as it would later disband. I never wanted to stop playing music which Chris but we both had severe issues and those had to be fixed which sent us each on our own separate paths. I had been in a long term battle with addiction(s) and this would take me through some dark times and years.

As I became healthy I started working with several projects as mentioned but deep inside wanted to have Chris and I back.  We did a side project called Foundation and some touring and then some more battling with our issues and finally 2013 came around when we would reunite as Flaw… sober, clean, driven and determined to do shit the right way and for fucking real this time. I think the first show back was like Thanksgiving of 2013 and we have been killing it since.  I could not be more happy or proud to be in a band or with a mega-talent line-up……………..FUCK YEAH!

Q) Tell me about the material the band is writing now, what can Flaw fans expect? Tell me anything about the upcoming album and touring that you can.

We have enough new material for two new albums and are finishing up details and will shortly be inking a new deal. We head out on tour May 1st for about a month and a half and come back to immediately enter the studio with mega producer “Skidd” Mills.

I have been a fan of his for some time and after tracking two songs with him to test the waters, we now have him on for the entire new album. It will have the same basic sound as when Flaw started, which would be our Through the Eyes cd (debut album, released by Universal/Republic) and prior sound since it is back to myself, Volz and Ryan writing exclusively as those albums were. Lots of groove, melody, harmony and slamming riffs. The plan is to release what I call a front to back album meaning you put the fucker in and listen from front to back without having any need for a skip button.

Q) When not listening to your own band, what do you listen to these days? Is there anything new that you feel exciting to listen to?

I love Upon a Burning Body, Five Finger Death Punch, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Like a Storm, Slipknot, Seasons After, All that Remains, 10 Years, In Flames and Of Mice and Men to name a few.  I am excited about our new deal and this year’s touring and festivals. Mostly stoked that I am back with my boys in Flaw and that I have the opportunity to play like this again, write, tour, record, much love to everyone and thanks for all of your support! Flaw will see you all soon and kill it with ya! Look for us in or around your area and for the new album to drop later this year.

Q) One last question..It has been stated that you enjoy the process of getting behind the controls as music is being written, arranged and recorded. Have you considered going the professional engineer / producing route in the future during down times from your career in Flaw? 

I love recording, mixing, pre production and even mastering.  I fully intend to start producing and mixing bands in Flaw’s down time. Volz and I will be partnering up for this as well.  So bands out there interested in this will need to get with me later this year as me and Chris have been planning this for some time…. between our writing abilities, arrangement and little guest spots I think we can be good choice for a lot of bands……


Jay Daunt – Flaw

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